Seaguide RSolution Titanium Guide Sets - Spinning
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Seaguide RSolution Titanium Guide Sets - Spinning

Titanium Frame, Rsolution insert: Ultimate Strength, Near Zero Friction Coeficient, Exquisite Sleek Design, Lightest Proprietary rings available.

  • TiXORSG25,16,W10, W7
  • Titanium,RS
$29.16 (tax incl.) $29.16 (tax excl.)
$29.16 tax excl.

SeaGuide in our opinion are the best budget Titanium Frame guides available out there. We've seen them all and these are the lightest available guides, with high quality, thinn insert, topped only by the best, Fuji Torzite. RS RING-Guide Ring Solution Lighter Stronger Thinner Smoother Superior Thermal Conductivity LIGHTEST WEIGHT Ultrathin ring creates lighter weight and larger inner diameter. RS ring has achieved amazing performance and more reasonable solution. Measurements indicate that RS ring has decreased approximately 55% and 45% of weight compared to LS and LA ring, therefore, RS is considered to be the lightest ring at present. SUPERB STRENGTH & TOUGHNESS RS ring offers superb hardness and toughness. In terms of material hardness, RS is almost 1.5 times that of quartz, so the tiny sand which sticking around the fishing line won’t scratch and destroy ceramic ring surface when you fishing in muddy waters. RS ring offers higher fracture toughness, is about 7.0 Mpa√m, it makes rings are not easily brittle. This performance has broken through the existing defect of other ring materials. In impact resistance test, SEAGUIDE RS ring has shown incredible strength compared to traditional rings and competitors’. SUPERIOR LINE PROTECTOR Self-Lubrication,RS ring material has lower friction than other rings with its self-lubrication characteristics. Superior Thermal Conductivity, compared to traditional rings, RS offers higher thermal conductivity performance. So the frictional heat will be dispersed sooner when lines run through guides at high speed. Perfect Round Shape, the ring intrados is very important to protect and improve line life. RS ring has a perfect round shade, the fishing line easily and accurately when line run through guides. It will not cause line damage, thus achieving smooth line release.